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Tha DRX (Doctor Reverend X) had been a middle of the road political enthusiast since his early teens. Along with his interest in politics, Tha DRX also was a registered Democrat until the 2016 election. After reeducating himself on the racist/violent history of the Democrat party, as well as personally witnessing decades of neglect in the Black community, at the hands of the Democrat party, Tha DRX became a strong supporter of Donald J. Trump for President. And, is a Proud Registered (Trump) Republican Today!!! 

Through Hip-Hop music, Tha DRX created the Jah 3.14 Crew (Circle of Jehovah) in 2020 and has been on a mission to remind (and educate) the World of the true racist (and violent) history of Democrats in the United States. Much of Democrats’ history include beliefs and behaviors they still embrace and demonstrate today (i.e., Today using ANTIFA as their terrorist foot soldiers, just as they utilized the KKK in the early to mid 20th century to terrorized Blacks and kill White Republicans who embraced Blacks).

In fact, the Republican party was created in DIRECT opposition to the pure hatred Democrats showed for Blacks throughout American history. Today, Democrats have learned to manipulate Blacks mentally into a self-fulfilling prophecy of second class citizenship and the mass murder of 30 million Black babies through abortion since 1973.

More Bio… 

After being honorably discharged from the military, Tha DRX pursued religious studies, a bachelor's in social psychology, a master's in health psychology,  opened a gym, and started a music production company. 10 years in, Tha DRX decided to pursue a doctorate in clinical psychology. And, given the demanding nature of becoming a clinical psychologist, Tha DRX reluctantly closed the gym and discontinued music pursuits to focus on completing the PhD clinical psychology program.

Tha DRX completed the PhD program in April of 2020, however, the COVID-19 pandemic led to the postponement of his internship, which allowed Tha DRX to focus on his political and socially conscious Hip-Hop music, once again. SO, TODAY HERE WE ARE! I hope my music make your head bop! bop! bop! and your mind think! LET'S GO!!!

Thank you for your support! GOD BLESS!!!